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If your teeth are in need of replacement, don’t automatically assume that you will need dentures. Every year, many people need their teeth replaced due to being damaged in an accident or as result of decay and disease. Most believe they are destined to wear dentures for the rest of their life, but this is not the case. There are many viable alternatives available, and many of them are indeed recommended for the majority of individuals. For example, if only one or a few teeth are bad, dentures would not be a feasible option. Knowing your personal situation will help you determine what alternatives are right for you, as each is suited for specific needs. Here is a list of denture alternatives for you to consider when consulting with your dentist.

Effective Denture Alternatives


  • Ideal for chipped and discolored teeth
  • Improves the surface appearance
  • Acts as a barrier
  • Used for front teeth only

Porcelain veneers are denture alternatives that are best used on patients that have stained or chipped teeth. Thus, when you have a tooth that needs a “facelift” or that is salvageable, a veneer is an excellent option. Given that a very thin amount of porcelain is placed on top of the existing tooth, the latter will be protected by from further surface damage. Veneers work wonders at restoring discolored teeth which can be caused by smoking and other substances. The downside to veneers is that they can only be used on front teeth. If you have a rear tooth in need of replacement, you should consider something else.


  • Used to replace individual teeth
  • Placed over the top of a tooth that has been fixed to protect it
  • Bridges feel more like real teeth than full dentures do

Partial dentures, crowns, and bridges each have their advantages over full dentures. Partials are denture alternatives that works best when an individual tooth needs replaced. This is often the case when one loses a tooth due to an accident. The partial denture is essentially a smaller version of the full set, and can be removed just the same as their larger counterpart. Crowns are denture alternatives that are metal caps that are set in place over a tooth that has been repaired. They work to protect them from further wear and improve the longevity of the tooth. If you don’t want replacement work done, then this is the way to go. Bridges are like partial dentures, but they are not removable. They are lodged between the teeth and are meant to be a permanent replacement.


  • Fake roots are implanted and a false tooth is screwed into place
  • More secure and longer lasting
  • Looks very realistic upon completion

Implants are great denture alternatives for when you want to achieve the most realistic appearance. The surgeon will basically drill a hole and screw a false tooth into place. This can take some time depending on the work that needs to be done, but at the end of the procedure the results will be well worth it. Implants are very stable once in place and look and feel much more realistic than dentures do.

These options are the most widely used denture alternatives, and for good reason. Unless a large number of teeth in your mouth need to be replaced, there should be no reason why one of these options will not work better. Be sure to consult with your dentist about what they recommend, as one option may be favored over the others.