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Peizosurgery® in Peachtree City, GA

Piezosurgery® is an innovative technology that empowers surgeons, like Dr. Davenport, to perform procedures in a more focused and selective manner than using traditional dental instruments. Piezosurgery® is a relatively new technique that utilizes ultrasonic vibration. A piezosurgical tip vibrates at high speeds, allowing clean cutting with precise incisions.

The ultrasonic frequency used during piezosurgery does not cut soft tissue. The cutting action produced by the instrument is less invasive, produces very little damage to unaffected areas, and results in better healing. The fact that piezosurgery can precisely cut hard tissue, like bone, while avoiding injury to soft tissue, like gums, offers significant advantages to doctor and patient alike. The lack of heat produced by the surgical tip helps maintain the vitality of the surrounding tissues and offers substantial improvement in the results of periodontal and dental implant surgeries by minimizing trauma and promoting rapid healing.

Dr. Davenport is specially trained and able to perform procedures, including periodontal therapy, dental implants, crown-lengthening and extractions, with increased accuracy and decreased discomfort. He is one of the leading doctors in the South Metro-Atlanta area consistently achieving positive results by using Piezosurgery®. His patients are enjoying those results with reduced swelling, faster healing times, and less pain after their procedure.

Although it is cutting edge treatment, Piezosurgery® techniques are extremely safe. It’s patented technology is the only piezoelectric technology for bone and dental surgery that is supported by over 100 published studies. Piezosurgery® is designed to be safe and precise, all for the benefit of the patient.

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