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Your First Visit at Peachtree Periodontics and Dental Implants

Your First Visit

Your general dentist might have detected periodontal problems during a routine check-up, or may have identified you as a candidate for dental implant treatment. To follow up on that assessment, Dr. Davenport, a specially trained periodontist, will perform a more in-depth periodontal exam and gather information about your medical and dental history in order to plan the best treatment for you.

Medical History

Answering questions about your general health will help with diagnosis and treatment planning. By way of example, patients who are diabetic or are pregnant, are more prone to gum disease. Similarly, smoking promotes periodontal disease and interferes with the healing of any periodontal treatment. You will also be asked for a list of your medications. A review of those medicines will reveal whether any impact your periodontal health or will interfere with any medications that might be prescribed by our office.

Dental History

To create a comprehensive treatment plan, Dr. Davenport needs to assess your previous dental health and treatment. You should be prepared to answer questions about when you were first told you might have periodontal disease, whether you have undergone treatment, and your home dental hygiene habits.

The Dental Exam

Dr. Davenport will examine your gums and teeth to identify the extent of your periodontal problem or your need for implants. Your gums will be checked for swelling, bleeding, recession, firmness and shape. Your teeth will be checked for sensitivity and movement. Bite and other variables that might impact your periodontal health will also be assessed. Periodontal probing, i.e. measuring the depth of the pockets (or space) around each tooth, is performed to assess the extent of your problems and to plan your treatment. Digital and/or 3D scanning may help Dr. Davenport diagnose and treat certain conditions.

Your Treatment Plan

Following your exam, Dr. Davenport will discuss your options with you. If necessary, our patient coordinators will find an appointment that is convenient for your schedule and will work with you and your insurance company to maximize your benefits. At the end of your initial visit, you will receive a written treatment plan.

Please assist us at the time of your initial visit to the office by completing the new patient information forms below prior to the time of your arrival and providing the documents to our front office staff at the time of check-in, or by filling out the new patient form online by clicking here.


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