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Pre-Op Instructions at Peachtree Periodontics and Dental Implants


It is very important to let us know if you take any blood thinning medications on a daily basis. Examples of these medications include Aspirin, Coumadin, Ginko biloba, and Plavix. If you are taking any of these medication we will need to contact your physician for a medical release. Your doctor may want you to discontinue these medications 7-10 days prior to your surgery appointment.


If you are being sedated, either orally or by IV, it is mandatory that you have a driver bring you to your appointment. Your driver will need to stay until your surgery appointment is completed.


Due to the possibility that x-rays may need to be taken during surgical procedures, it is important that you not wear any jewelry or hair accessories.


For implant surgeries, the area around the mouth will be sanitized, therefore we suggest that you not wear makeup the day of the surgery.


Please be aware that smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco and alcohol will slow down the healing process after surgical procedures. In some cases the use of these substances can interfere with healing to the point where results may be compromised and procedures may need to be repeated, resulting in additional fees. Also some medical conditions, such as diabetes, may slow the healing process.

Diabetic Patient

Patients with diabetes should be especially aware of their condition as they prepare for, and heal from, periodontal and/or implant surgery. Any surgery, including the procedures performed in our office, may increase your natural stress response, which can cause blood glucose to become slightly more difficult to control. High or low glucose levels can cause post-operative complications. It is very important to have glucose levels in control prior to surgery. We ask that you check your levels just prior to coming to our office so that you are able to make any necessary adjustments, and so you can let us know your most accurate results.

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