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Bone & Tissue Regeneration in Peachtree City, GA

Regeneration to Support Implant Treatment

Having good quality bone is a key to implant success; however, many periodontal patients have damaged bone. Periodontal disease, aging, pressure from grinding teeth or wearing dentures, trauma or injury can all lead to insufficient bone, making it difficult to place dental implants. Fortunately, Dr. Davenport is able to correct this problem for many patients with tissue and bone regeneration procedures to restore lost tissue.

Advanced tissue-stimulating proteins and hi-tech materials are available and may be used to surgically assist your body and allow it to replace its lost tissue and bone naturally. Oftentimes, Dr. Davenport can place implants at the same time as the tissue regeneration procedure, however, it is best for some patients to allow the bone to develop and grow for four to six months before implants are placed.

Even if you have been told by other dentists that you are not an appropriate candidate for implants, regeneration procedures can help restore lost bone, and may make dental implants an option for you. The in-office 3D imaging that is offered in our office allows Dr. Davenport to identify whether regenerative treatment is appropriate for you.

Bone and Tissue Regeneration to Repair Periodontal Defects

Periodontal disease frequently leads to significant loss of bone and gum around your teeth, which can then result in loose teeth that have shifted position. A tissue and bone regeneration procedure may be able to help reverse your gum and/or bone loss and allow you to save your teeth.

Infection is carefully removed, and then advanced tissue-stimulating proteins and regenerative materials, designed to help heal and regrow tissue and bone, are placed into the jaw. Dr. Davenport has extensive experience and training with respect to techniques and materials used to generate the growth of new gums and bone around teeth with advanced bone and gum tissue loss. He was published internationally in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology for his research related to matrix proteins as a catalyst for periodontal rejuvenation.

Tissue and bone regeneration, accompanied by periodontal maintenance therapy, will increase your odds for keeping your natural teeth for years to come.

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