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Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment in Peachtree City, GA

At Peachtree Periodontics and Dental Implants, it is our goal to achieve maximum results with the most conservative treatment. It is our policy to limit surgery to just those areas of the mouth where it is absolutely necessary.

Non Surgical Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Many times, the early stages of periodontal disease are best treated with non-surgical periodontal therapy. Non-surgical treatment often precedes surgical therapy, even in complex cases. If necessary, a two-step process is done to improve the overall tissue quality prior to surgery and, to further help limit the areas requiring surgery. We know that the best treatment for periodontal diseases is preventative maintenance and we work with our patients to promote education and awareness about developing and maintaining good oral hygiene and encourage regular dental checkups each year. Most treatments for periodontal disease are not surgical in nature. These treatments include:

  • Regular Dental Cleaning
  • Periodontal Teeth Cleaning
  • Scaling and Root Planing

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