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Losing teeth and living your life with it is no more a necessity. These days cosmetic implants is a technique that has helped in giving back teeth, albeit artificially.

The artificial cosmetic implants that are affixed have the same strength and characteristics that is normal to natural teeth. Not only do they have equal strength, they also help preserve the gums and bones more effectively than mere bridges. Cosmetic implants therefore have been a welcome procedure to those who have lost their teeth due to some trauma or otherwise. It is an elaborate procedure that has a more permanent effect than just a bridge.

4 Benefits of Cosmetic Implants

  • From the esthetics point of view, cosmetic implants look as natural as one’s own teeth. They are matched in terms of color and texture at a special lab before they are affixed on to a patient.
  • They help in improving the quality of the remaining teeth as it also maintains the gum and the bone quality.
  • The adjacent teeth to the implanted teeth do not lose their characteristics and continue to function in a similar fashion.
  • If you have lost major teeth, a cosmetic implant gives you the confidence to continue with your regular pattern of eating different food items – hard or soft.

How Cosmetic Implants are Applied

Cosmetic implants is a complete process where a titanium implant is inserted into the gums. Once the bone grows around it and is completely secure, a crown that matches your natural teeth is put on it. The procedure takes 3-6 months before the cosmetic implant is fully functional and looks as good as your very own. Though cosmetic implants are highly recommended by dentists, it is also dependent on the age and the health condition of the patients. One needs to be in good health or close to it to be able to support a cosmetic implant completely.