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The one common language that binds people all around the world is a SMILE. Irrespective of caste, creed, country, age, and gender, a smile is the universal language that binds one to the other, unknown as well as the known. Smile is also the best accessory that you can adorn yourself with. It is also the best thing that ensures good heath.

While smiling is good and has a spiritual connection in terms of helping one be positive, smiling is also a manifestation of good health. It is energizing, and research says that smiling is equivalent to eating a hundred chocolate bars. It is a self-generated motivator that gets you going and ensures you be a winner all the way – in your personal life as well as your professional one.

Did You Smile Today?

It has also been said that smiling affects your health. Those who smile are considered to be more optimistic and happier. They are known to be the ones with a better immunity and can handle smaller and bigger physical problems with equanimity. Those with better health follow a healthier and happier lifestyle. Typically they do not adhere to prohibited products like drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other forms that affect one’s health and reduce one’s life span. Exercises help to keep you fit and fine. While there are exercises for rest of the body, smiling helps to work on the facial muscles and help keep them taut. Smiling certainly is a good and an easy way to keep looking and feeling younger than your years.

Last but not the least, smiling also reveals teeth that shows good oral health. You would be inhibited to smile if your dentures were not in a good condition. Make sure you brush your teeth after every major meal and floss them regularly in order to avoid decay and infections from setting in. Use fluoride fortified toothpaste and products to make your teeth stronger and healthier.

Sure enough, you will have a healthier smile that will make heads turn and is a promise of confidence all through!