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Researchers have found many links between oral health and a person’s overall health condition. Studies in the past have shown that there are strong links between poor oral health and conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. A person’s oral health condition and hygiene practices may even indicate a greater or reduced risk of suffering from dementia based on a study which was conducted over two decades. Could your oral hygiene practices help predict your chances of being affected by dementia later in life?

What’s the Correlation Between Oral Health and Dementia?

The data which was gathered from a study involving over 5,000 elderly people found that people who don’t brush their teeth daily have a significantly greater risk of developing dementia symptoms than those who brushed regularly. The results are thought to show that oral hygiene practices may be influenced by the state of a person’s mental health.

Oral Hygiene for Better Overall Health

A good oral hygiene routine can help maintain your overall health, and reduce your chances of plaque buildup in arteries, gum infections, and tooth loss. Don’t fall out of the routine of properly brushing and flossing between your teeth at least twice each day, while using a non-alcohol based mouthwash to kill bad bacteria in your mouth. Make a point of scheduling a checkup every 6 months at Peachtree Periodontics.