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Your smile accounts for the wonderful personality that you are. However, often you may be one of those who are unhappy with your smile. While there could be many reasons for it, one of the common problems associated with a defective smile is having a gummy smile.

What is unknown to most of us is that a smile is a complicated function. It involves the involvement of different facial muscles, the bones, jaw and of course your teeth. Each of these work together to give you the most brilliant smile that you can ever have. With that said, there may be some who have a gummy smile. True to its description, a gummy smile is when a person’s gums are seen more than they should when smiling.

There are Various Reasons that Can Be Attributed to a Gummy Smile:

  • The teeth are too short in comparison to the gums
  • The upper jaw bone is extra-long causing the gums to show
  • Overactive facial muscles
  • Combinations of the above factors

Treatment for Gummy Smile

Gummy smile is not really an issue that can affect your day to day living or harm your teeth. However, it may be a deterrent to good looks. It can be cured but more often than not the procedure entails surgery. The surgery involves cutting of the jaw bone in order to make it shorter. This ensures that less of the gums are seen. Though it is more of a cosmetic issue, the procedure is elaborate and healing time can be relatively long. Plastic surgeons often suggest a Botox treatment to lift the gums so that less of them are seen when one smiles.

If you feel that you have a gummy smile and are unhappy with it, you might want to consult your dentist. After all, your smile is your most favorite possession!