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Even if you are diligent in brushing and flossing your teeth, once in a while deep teeth cleaning is considered a must by dentists. In dental parlance, deep teeth cleaning is another name for scaling and root planing.

Why Do I Need Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Often you may think that brushing and flossing is good enough for your teeth. The case is not always so. Infection like bacterial attacks, any form of periodontitis, or decay is extremely deep seated and can affect the roots, if it is not attended to at an earlier stage. In this case brushing and flossing does not always help. In addition, if you are negligent over a period of time, plaque and tarter starts setting in. It is almost impossible to remove a stubborn growth of plaque and tarter once it starts attacking the enamel of the teeth. No amount of brushing and flossing can remove it, although it might impede the progress. Over time the gums get affected as well, and start receding from the gum line. This is a serious situation and creates gum pockets beneath the gum line. Infections as these in the long run can be the cause of various dental infections and eventually loss of teeth, and other health issues, like cardiac problems, digestion issues and others.

What Does Deep Teeth Cleaning Accomplish?

This is where deep teeth cleaning helps. The procedure is an intense procedure that helps remove the accumulated plaque and tarter. This also helps to clean up each and every tooth right to its crevices. Infections are diagnosed by an x-ray and treatments handled accordingly.

What is Involved with Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is typically a procedure that involves scaling and root planing. Scaling as the term suggests is all about scraping of the plaque and tarter from the teeth. Root planing is a process where teeth are smoothed out completely once scaling is done. The procedure helps to keep gum and teeth problems at bay if it has not already set in. If brushing and flossing is supplemented along with cleaning once in six months, your teeth will be a perfect example of good dental health.