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Most people admire celebrities because of their perfectly straight, white smiles and often wish they could obtain a similarly vibrant smile. It is well known that people are attracted to others who can ‘light up’ a room with their smile while some unfortunately stay away from others who don’t have what are considered perfect teeth. Today we are going to tell you about how many celebrity smiles are often obtained and if a better smile could increase your chance of getting a new job.

How Do People Obtain a Perfect Smile?

Pre-note: Naturally straight teeth and vibrant white smiles are extremely rare.

Many people straighten their teeth at an early age with traditional braces, but the process can be more complex than one may think. Several adults and adolescents may need to have teeth extracted to provide room for teeth to be shifted toward their final placement, while other people may need to have dental implants installed to fill large gaps between teeth. Porcelain white teeth are also important to many people which leads them to seek professional cosmetic tooth whitening procedures.

Get a New Job

Although it is superficial, several studies and many individuals agree that people tend to trust others with vibrant smiles more than others who have normal teeth. This is proven to be true in professional environments where some establishments are seeking their employees as a visual representative of their company.


  • When a law firm is seeking a new legal professional, they want someone who is not only courteous, but also appears friendly with a vibrant smile. Besides considering an attorney’s hard earned credentials and experience, a potential client will often choose the lawyer who has a vibrant, friendly smile.
  • Many people will notice that public representatives for several businesses have vibrant smiles. Obtaining that type of position certainly reflects on the representative having a great personality, but the smile may have helped a bit.
  • Servers at high end restaurants often have friendly, vibrant smiles which may be an important reason why customers come back. Genuine friendliness and courtesy are often the main reason for employees being hired at fancy restaurants, but again, a vibrant smile probably helps.

It is important for everyone to feel comfortable with who they are, which means that having a Hollywood-esque smile is not mandatory in life or important for happiness. The only things that truly matter about a smile is that the teeth and gums are healthy and function properly. Simply stay on top of performing proper oral hygiene and attend routine checkups to maintain good oral health.

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